Our Institution

Name of the institution

Institute of Universal Charity of Peru – Casa Hogar Luz Alba (ICU – Casa Hogar Luz Alba).

Board of Directors Period 2018-2019

President: Kathy Ibañez Zamudio
Treasurer: Juan Carlos Soto Tinta
Secretary: Ingrid Quispe Valdivia
First Member: Ricardo Laguna Galdos (Vice-president)
Second Vocal: Humberto Hancco Tumi
Third Member: Bernardo Ramos Perez

Multidisciplinary team

Director: Anita Diaz Vento
Psychologist: Yessenia Gomez Chagua
Doctor: Guadalupe Gomez Chagua
Social Worker: Sandra Aguirre Valdibia
Educator: Karina Alvarez Alarcon


The Institution was created on January 2, 2006. Since May 22, 2006, it has been effectively serving children-children, which are derived from the Family Courts of Arequipa, Public Ministry and the Unit of Tutelary Investigation, Office of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations.

Description of the Institution

The Casa Hogar project was born from a private initiative, a group of people sensitized to the unfortunate reality of childhood in Peru, especially in Arequipa. It also obeys the institutional mission of the Institute of Universal Charity of Peru (ICU), which is the tutelary institution of the Casa Hogar Luz Alba (ICU-CASA HOGAR LUZ ALBA). We have located in Arequipa because the people determined to carry out this challenge arose from this City. However, this initiative is open to continue in other parts of Peru, in equal or more economically and socially depressed areas.

Casa Hogar is an adequate and safe, but transitory, space to protect the girl or boy who, in the shortest possible time, must be reinserted into her family or adoptive family environment.

The Casa Hogar has the characteristics of a family home, this aspect being the greatest added value for the integral formation, especially in the emotional-affective aspect, of the babies and children that remain in our Institution.

The economic and material support received by the I.C.U. – Casa Hogar Luz Alba is intended for food, clothing, education, health and recreation of girls, boys and babies housed. This support, although limited, comes from the staff of the Institute of Universal Charity of Peru and people and institutions of goodwill that join this effort. We do not receive material or economic support from the Government, but we do need a lot of help to be able to fully comply with our services.